Adviser's Manual 360 Updates and Information

We continue to work towards restoring the AM360 roster that allows you to purchase, renew, and manage your institution's AM360 subscriptions. In the meantime:

To transfer AM360 subscriptions. Please contact us using the AM360 Contact Form if you want to transfer licenses from one person to another within your organization. Just give us the "transfer out" name and the "transfer in" name for each transfer, and we'll be happy to do it for you.

To renew AM360 subscriptions. You can renew AM360 subscriptions that have expired within the last 60 days or will expire during the next 90 days, by following these steps.

Interim renewal steps:

  • Contact us using the AM360 Contact Form and include the names of the AM360 subscribers whose licenses you wish to renew and any adjustments you’d like to make to your roster (e.g., names of individuals you’d like to add a license for, etc.).
  • Also tell us if you will be renewing:
    • By credit card online
    • By check via mail
    • By credit card via mail or fax
  • We'll prepare an electronic invoice if you'll be paying online or a paper invoice if you'll be renewing by mail or fax, and we'll send you instructions to use with your payment.

We're also pleased to tell you that we've instituted a 60-day "grace-period" that gives AM360 subscribers continued access to the Manual for 60 days beyond their "paid through" date, so regardless of which method you use to renew your AM360 subscriptions, your AM360 users will not experience any interruption to their access to the Manual during the 60-day period.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us using the AM360 Contact Form, and we thank you for your patience as we resolve our technical issues.